Happy Halloween!

Right at this moment it’s 1am on an early, early Monday morning and I am freezing my butt off while we shoot, of all things, a treehouse scene about 30 yards away from me. Filmmaking keeps things interesting. Thankfully, my role as DIT (the guy who gets the footage backed up and into the computer) and On-Set Editor (creating rough cuts of every scene as fast as I can make ‘em) during production allows me some spare moments here and there. I just finished lettering today’s strip–which is way, way late! I’m so sorry. Only three more weeks of this crazy schedule before we’re back to normal.


Mega Matt is, I think, a beloved/not beloved character. My sense is that he was popular early on, but he more I used him the more you readers out there tired of him. I suppose his personality is inherently annoying. Best used in small doses. Like today.


Gina is one of those characters, like Matt, who flits in and out of the narrative. She was the one responsible for the Bubbles of Light that sent Swifty–and Mega Matt-hurtling through time, stranding Matt in the 50′s and 60′s in the process. It wasn’t all bad, though. Then, Gina brought Matt back, rectifying her mistake. That she now wants to “help” Matt again is new… and is a thread we’ll pick up on later. For better or worse since it involved Matt!

Okay, I gotta get back to work! See you on Wednesday with 710 – “Crimson Oils!”