520 – Too Late

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  1. gnrrrg

    Did she bring back emo-man?

  2. Jim R.
    Jim R.

    Please be Mega Matt

  3. Marcus

    Is that who I think it is ?

  4. Sam

    I had this posted on FB so my comment still counts:
    AAAWWWHHH YEAH! Bring on M.M.! I never lost hope he would return.
    *girlish scream*
    M.M.’s ganna save the world!

    • Silly Zealot
      Silly Zealot

      He is the last, absolute, undeniable, best hope for all of existence! All hail Mega Matt.

  5. Scott

    Money Man.

    • Bill M.
      Bill M.

      Wait… the last known appearance of the Money Man, he was about to tell CS who the super menace who they couldn’t defeat right now was. So, the words uttered would be “the” and “dude,” which if those are the only thing, “The Dude” from The Big Lebowski is the undefeatable evil… but… how could he turn evil?

      • Scott

        Mostly just being a jackass, I don’t think it’s really Money Man. Everyone’s talking “M.M.” and they mean Mega Matt, so I just had to throw a goofy interpretation out.

  6. Holaved

    IS IT…?

  7. Holaved

    Oh yeah, and welcome back to our real-life buddies too! Hi Marc! Hi Brock!

  8. WGC

    Holy Crap! Please don’t Leave Mega Matt in the demented fan boy dimension, where he belongs, and out of the real continuity!

    • WGC

      Hmmm. My post looks stupid! Apparently words in brackets disappear! It should have read “Please don’t (sob!) Leave …”

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