We are now officially in a brand new era of The SuperFogeys. Jerry and Spy Gal are married.

I thought it might be fun to take a look back at their romance from Spy Gal’s perspective. How did she get here? Which interactions were key? Call this The Annotated SuperFogeys: Spy Gal’s Perspective.

The first time we saw Jerry and Spy Gal interact, she seemed almost irritated by his presence and was certainly dismissive of him. Captain Spectacular soon took over that particular adventure, so the next time Jerry made any approach towards Spy Gal was when he tried to sit next to her and Cap told him to take a hike. Once again, Spy Gal looked mildly irritated by his very presence.

Spy Gal finally, openly expressed her irritation towards Jerry by highlighting his single chest hair. That was a low blow for sure, but it doesn’t even compare to the ultimate 21st Century diss that was Spy Gal refusing Jerry’s friend request on WebSpace. Later, in Dr. Klein’s office, she made it clear she still sees Jerry as a boy, not the man he’d grown into.

Things finally started to turn around when Jerry’s crying appealed to Spy Gal’s mothering instinct and she promised to protect him. Her failure to do so and her subsequent guilt turned her attentions towards Jerry into something much more than mild irritation, paving the way for Jerry to finally show Spy Gal that he’s not the little boy she thought he was. But, of course, it was a small effort that yielded small results. Spy Gal still saw Jerry as nothing more than a “little brother.”


Even after Captain Spectacular’s marriage proposal, Spy Gal continued to care for Jerry while he lay in the infirmary and even consulted him on her relationship with the Captain. Finally, Jerry graduated from little brother to “good friend.” She even later admitted to Dr. Klein that they’d “grown close.”

No one was happier than Spy Gal when Jerry finally made it out of the infirmary and started walking for the first time in years. Spy Gal got further chance to show her new affection for Jerry when they embarked on an adventure together and she insisted on taking the lead while he recovered. It was the sign Jerry was waiting for and, when he reached for Spy Gal’s hand, she didn’t pull away.

With Jerry’s character and place in her life now fully rewritten, Spy Gal further demonstrated her affections by seeing personally to Jerry’s happiness and inclusion. After Captain Spectacular decided playing the slots was more important than spending time with his bride-to-be, Jerry gave Spy Gal the shock of her life when he proclaimed her love for her. But it was too much too soon and, even while she did admit she did have some feelings for Jerry, Spy Gal was still firmly committed to the Captain. Still, she couldn’t help herself. Jerry’s words rang in her mind and those feelings bubbled to the surface.

When a giant robot attacked them, Spy Gal was impressed by Jerry’s go-to attitude, which stood in stark contrast to the Captain’s reluctance to act like the hero he’s supposed to be. It was that failure that paved the way for Spy Gal and Jerry to fight the robot together. After defeating the robot all by himself, Spy Gal finally saw that Jerry was the man of action she was looking for and they kissed.

Taking advantage of the fact that they were in Vegas and Spy Gal had broken off her engagement to the Captain, Jerry quickly proposed and the pair were married that very night!

Awww… romance. Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!