Ah, “Wrinkly Butt.”  As this one was sitting at my drawing board, my wife happened upon it and exclaimed “WHAT IS UP WITH SPY GAL’S CHEST?” I explained that she’s been long established as a large-chested character and that she’s clearly folding her arms here so…

My wife wasn’t having it.  It was an exaggeration gone too far.  Valuing my marriage over some unintentional cheesecake art, I took out my whiteout and redrew Spy Gal’s breasts.

A week later the strip was posted and I asked Erin what she thought.  Her response?  “I thought you said you were going to make them smaller!?” A few weeks later and “Erin’s Comic” was brought to life, directly inspired by this real-life event.

As for the rest of the strip, I really wanted to bring this whole “love triangle” with Star Maiden, Spy Gal and Captain Spectacular to a close.  It had served its purpose.  Getting a good CS and Jerry moment out of it was just a bonus.

Can you spot the art error I made in the last panel?  Even though you’re seeing him from behind, the Captain’s caterpillar eyebrows should be sticking out enough for us to see them.  Oops. 

Aaaaaaand we’re back! Don’t imagine the regular story will be interrupted for any reason for the forseeable future. Enjoy!


I’ve talked here and there about the new and that’s very much still in the works and coming soon. Not to worry. However, one thing that is up and running is the new Th3rd World Store where you can order all three SuperFogeys books, along with some other great comics (including Pinkerton Vol. 1!).

One of the things that’s available to me and that I’m seriously considering is selling original art through the store. With SF, each strip actually has two pieces of art that could be sold–both a pencilled and an inked version (since I lightbox to ink). Also, it would be a good, simple way to take commissions.

Just wondering: any interest out there for original art? Maybe you even have a particular strip in mind that you’d love to purchase?