Ah,  the proposal. I think this veers towards the sitcomish, but I like it for one reason: that we stay on Jerry the whole way through.  Jerry doesn’t say a word, but he has his own little George-Bailey-Welcoming-Home-His-Brother-At-The-Train-Station moment, a brilliant bit of acting by Jimmy Stewart in It’s A Wonderful Life in which he doesn’t say a word and still manages to convey several different ideas and emotions at once.  Obviously, SF 146 isn’t on that level, but the same basic idea is there.

Having Spy Gal and Captain Spectacular get engaged here was a bit of a surprise for me.  I had already charted their relationship before starting this chapter, but I still didn’t have all the beats in place.  As I outlined this chapter it became perfectly obvious to me that this is what they needed to do to get the next level.  A fun thing to drop into the beginning of a chapter like this.

SuperFogeys cameos are poppin’ up all over and you can catch the latest one over at Corey Dye’s webcomic, and fun and insightful look at what it’s like for an American living in Japan called Raw Fish. See Jerry get some love!
I announced it last week, but the official release about Barb Jacobs’ fantastic webcomic Xylia is now up at Tall Tale Features. Go see and support Barb and her fantastic, inspiring fantasy comic!

Haven’t been to Tall Tale Features yet? You really should. We’ve got two episodes of Tall Tale Radio up for your listening enjoyment and theforums are always a-poppin’ and a great place for you to show off your stuff.


Speaking of Tall Tale, I posted a couple of blogs over there this week in, what else?–The Blog Section.

Today I posted a blog entitled My Personal Top 40, Part 1 wherein I countdown the first 10 of my Most Played Songs, according to iTunes. If you’re like me, you’re always curious about what other people listen to.

Two days ago I posted a blog about my youngest daughter Cami. It’s really just a short excerpt from a video I edited together about her life. According to the comments left already, tears have been shed during the viewing of this video, so consider yourself warned.

Next Week:

Spy Gal’s answer and a trip outside of Valhalla!