Hello everyone I’m Eric Merritt. When I comment on the SuperFogeys I’m SUTBEric and I draw the new webcomic Steer Valley. I’d chat it up more but let’s talk about why you know I exist: this strip right here!

First I apologize to fans of the characters I didn’t represent but the interactions between Klein/Jerry/Third Man/Spoiler Alert and Swifty/Cap/Spy Gal seemed to have the most impact. I think Rocket was more about learning about Rocket, same for Star Maiden and the Thrice Evil was an exercise of power. The three I showed felt like it was less Dr. Klein talking to the characters and more Jerry dressed up as Dr. Klein talking to them. (Does that make sense?) This strip was originally just Swifty/Cap/Spy Gal standing saying something boldly about themselves followed by Klein’s response and three characters suddenly becoming weak (Cap cries, Swifty looks down, etc.) and then Klein becoming Jerry with “All is Revealed” in the background like the Joker’s laughter in Dark Knight. Didn’t seem personal enough so redraft and now this.

I remember the Cap-Klein exchange was one of the first times I HAD to comment on the strip just because it was killing me how much of a jerk Klein was with evidently no rhyme  reason or karmic comeuppance. Brock assured me everything would be answered. Then came strip 273. I couldn’t figure out why Ch. 9 was still available so late in the game until I started drawing this. You really can’t appreciate how much Brock knocked that reveal out of the park until you have to try to draw it in your own way. I had to redraw and redraw just to emulate I can’t imagine how many times he redrafted that scene to get it just right. So yeah, intense and of course I try to take on of the most dramatic moments in the series and make it a joke…

Okay this is running into tl;dr territory so a quick pitch about Steer Valley and I’ll head out. Steer Valley is a westernesque comic about Roadhouse Ricky, the greatest chili chef in the West, his magician actress romantic interest Alesca Labance, the sharpshooting Sherriff Showdown who rivals Ricky for Alesca’s heart and Five-Alarm a Chili based superhero. Don’t ask me what a chili based superhero is. I’m still figuring it out. But there’s magic, science, love, action and operas so if you get a chance check it out at http://steervalley.sutbcomic.com on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Thanks for the opportunity Brock! Happy five years!
Eric Merritt