And the grand prize winner with only one wrong answer is…TYLER HEASLEY! Yeah, that’s my brother. But, honestly, I did not help him. That wouldn’t be right. He’s a very enthusiastic SF reader and just nailed this. Congrats, Tyler! You get to commission a sketch card from artist John Jett. Please email me back with your request and address.

Second place goes to…LAURA SETCHELL! Laura gets her pick of either the Spy Gal or Jerry sketch cards by artist John Jett. Laura, email me back your pick and address!

Third place goes to…GEORGIA DARRAH! Georgia, you’ll get whichever of the cards Laura doesn’t pick. Please email me back with your address!

Thanks to everyone who entered. My sense is that you guys dig these trivia fests so maybe we’ll do it again sometime.

And now…the answers to the questions:

1) Which animal inspired The Money Man to fight evil? A bat flew through his window and helped him realize that not everyone can afford to pay for broken windows (It makes sense in context.)

2) Where did Spy Gal and Star Maiden have their first fight? Dr. Rocket’s satellite base

3) Who is Ms. Missile’s boyfriend? Tom, the son of Captain Spectacular

4) Where did Harvey come from? pet shop

5) Why did Tangerine go to Nigeria? He wanted to do his part in the first peace corps team assigned to Nigeria.

6) What is the name of the woman who was romantically involved with both Captain Spectacular and Swifty? Michelle Masters

7) What TV Show did Herman help inspire? Quantum Leap

8) Why was Death, M.D. at “Dr. Rocket’s” funeral? Because he knew that Dr. Rocket wasn’t really dead and wanted to see what was up.

9) What does Soviet Sam dream of? He dreams of the Money Man and him having a conversation and being friendly.

10) Name the occupations of Captain Spectacular’s six ex-wives. Star of both stage and screen (Samantha Roberts), housewife (Betty Hofstadt–although since her occupation was fairly ambiguous, I didn’t ding anyone for it), model (Star Maiden), Mistress of Worlds (Zurida), lawyer turned underpaid social worker (Michelle Masters), physical therapist (Lynnette Yoshida)

11) What is Swifty’s “signature move?” Leaving barely a second to spare on a bomb countdown before defusing.

12) Where did The Third Man get the idea for how to convince The Society of Heroes to send Spy Gal to Valhalla? From Mr. Crook. He looked at his plans to destroy the world and realized that if anyone had known about them, someone would come to stop him.

13) What were Baby Swifty’s first words? Jerry bad.

14) How did the Thrice Evil’s mother end up a monster in another dimension? She went into underground Mayan mines and a portal took her away.

15) Name both of Spy Gal’s ex-husbands and tell me how they died. Manny Biko (shot to death), Barry (knife to the throat)

16) Why did Star Maiden’s father want to kill her? She was supposed to be a perfect, beautiful weapon, but the formula went wrong and she came out with garish pink skin.

17) What is Jerry’s real name? Jerome Klein

18) What does C.O.W. stand for? Cape of Wrath

19) What was Spy Gal’s “Secret Mission?” To threaten Zurida about returning to earth ever again.

20) Who can Mega Matt not wait to tell about his trip to 1955? Li’l Shorty and Duper Dave

BONUS: What real life movie tells the true story of Soviet Sam’s parents? Reds

There you go! All questions were taken from SuperFogeys Origins stories. Hope you guys had fun with it! I know I did.


MONDAY – 322 – “Long Shadow on a Sunny Day” – Fan favorite Soviet Sam joins the cast as Chapter 12, JACKPOT! begins.

WEDNESDAY – 323 – “What is a Villain?” – The question will be definitively answered. Start the debates now!

FRIDAY – Jerry Origin, Page 9 – Jerry goes to college! And…tragedy strikes.