This one was tricky. Up until about 48 hours ago, the second half of this page had an entirely different script attached to it. In a weird bit of synchronicity (I SWEAR I don’t schedule the origin stories to coincide with that week’s strip as sharply as you guys thing I do), this page comes out the same week Dr. Klein is laying out for you, the reader, the exact events he told his younger self about back in the Bubbles of Light chapter. In my original script for this page (and the next), Old Jerry’s dialogue was taken directly from those scenes. But with the reveals this week I realized I had another opportunity to explicate things in a fresh way. And so, today’s strip.

For the continuity aware among you, the conversation Old Jerry and Young Jerry are having here picks up about 2 second after SF 297. So now you know.

Big kudos to John Jett who continues to improve with each and every page he sends over. I’m blown away, John. Truly.


Okay, so the contest last week didn’t work out. It was ill-conceived and too similar to our last contest. So let’s start over. Same prizes as last week. Three winners. The Grand Prize Winner will receive a free commissioned sketch card from Jerry Origin artist John Jett. Second place winner will receive one of these two sketch cards:

And the third place winner will get whichever sketch card the second place winner didn’t choose. Sound good? Now, here’s what you have to do:

A) Answer all of the trivia questions below.

B) Send the answers to me at bwhheasley (at) gmail (dot) com no later than 11:59pm on June 2nd.

C) Winners with the most correct answers will win the prizes. In the event of a tie for any place (Grand Prize, Second, Third), a winner will be chosen randomly from out of a hat.

Sound good? Much easier, right? Here’s the questions. All of them are taken from SuperFogeys Origins stories. Good luck!

1) Which animal inspired The Money Man to fight evil?

2) Where did Spy Gal and Star Maiden have their first fight?

3) Who is Ms. Missile’s boyfriend?

4) Where did Harvey come from?

5) Why did Tangerine go to Nigeria?

6) What is the name of the woman who was romantically involved with both Captain Spectacular and Swifty?

7) What TV Show did Herman help inspire?

8) Why was Death, M.D. at “Dr. Rocket’s” funeral?

9) What does Soviet Sam dream of?

10) Name the occupations of Captain Spectacular’s six ex-wives.

11) What is Swifty’s “signature move?”

12) Where did The Third Man get the idea for how to convince The Society of Heroes to send Spy Gal to Valhalla?

13) What were Baby Swifty’s first words?

14) How did the Thrice Evil’s mother end up a monster in another dimension?

15) Name both of Spy Gal’s ex-husbands and tell me how they died.

16) Why did Star Maiden’s father want to kill her?

17) What is Jerry’s real name?

18) What does C.O.W. stand for?

19) What was Spy Gal’s “Secret Mission?”

20) Who can Mega Matt not wait to tell about his trip to 1955?

BONUS: What real life movie tells the true story of Soviet Sam’s parents?

There you go! Bunch of gimmes in there, and some toughies as well. Enjoy the hunt!


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WEDNESDAY – 321 – “Unified by a Common Purpose” – The double-sized ending to Chapter 12!

FRIDAY – Jerry Origin, Pg. 8 – Jerry heads back to the past armed with knowledge of his future!