This particular SuperFogeys Origins is a bit of a time warp for me. Before there was the SuperFogeys, there was Jetpacks Anonymous. A month or two before I created SF, I was doing some experiments in comicking (having never really tried before) and one of the results of those experiments was “Jetpaks Anonymous” (as it was then called because I wasn’t vigilant enough and misspelled the word “jetpack”), a three-page story featuring a nameless character narrating his life to an unseen support group.

I always really liked the story, and once SF got up and running, I wanted to find a way to incorporate that nameless character into this little universe. My thought was, originally, to put the whole thing smack dab in the middle of the currently running chapter, Chapter 7 “Visiting Day.” Once SFO became a running concern, I knew it would be better for that.

It’s neat to see TL take on something I’ve drawn once already (and drawn very badly, I might add). This version of the story changes and adds some details to make it fit in with the SF mythology, but only those who’ve been with me since the MySpace days (3+ years ago) will notice, and even then only if they have really good memories. As such, this version will actually run four pages. It’s gonna be good.  Hope you enjoy it.


Don’t forget that T.L. and I will both be at the Th3rd World booth at the Baltimore Comc Con THIS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY doing sketches and signing and selling books.  I’ll have a ton of copies of SuperFogeys Volume One.  Let me know if you’re coming so I know to look for you!

Th3rd World will be in booth #1904, near the Image and Top Cow booths.

See You on Thursday with SuperFogeys 228!


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