Welcome to the first of this week’s bonus strips! Each of the two strips will demonstrate a different side of the SuperFogeys, the humor and the serious.

Today is humor. This actually constitutes a deleted scene from Chapter 20, and would have come directly after this strip. Looking back, I kind of wish I’d thought to include it at the time. I think in future printings of Chapter 20, I’ll definitely include it. Same goes for tomorrow’s strip, but we’ll get to that tomorrow.


Why are we doing bonus strips this week? Because this week SuperFogeys celebrates ten years of existence! The goal is to bring you new content every day this week. Tomorrow: Bonus Strip 2! Thursday and Friday – Fan Art and more! (If we get it!)


As promised, one lucky Patron on Patreon won a poster print of SF 700 and that person is…


David, feel free to message me your address and we’ll get it over to you! Thanks for being such a dedicated fan.

See you all tomorrow with “Bonus Strip 2!”