John is one of those guys whose style just screams “classic.” He reminds me a lot of
George Perez–and that’s a very good thing. His style is just
absolutely perfect for the Jerry origin since, during the course of the
next 12(!) weeks, we’re gonna be covering a lot of ground and move
through several decades in order to tell the full origin.

John has SERIOUS chops, and he’s the only man who could have told this story. Just wait until you see the first page!

I know this origin is one you guys have been waiting for for a while now.
I really don’t think it’s going to disappoint. Jerry’s story is the
skeleton upon which the entire SuperFogeys story has been built and
you’re gonna see lots of callbacks to stories you’re already familiar
with, but from a different perspective. Should be exciting.

And yes, it’s going to answer a LOT of questions…but not all of them. That
was one of the first things John said to me after reading the script,
“Hey, you didn’t explain…” And I had to go back and read the script
again and sure enough he was right. I didn’t explain…this thing I
won’t mention here.

Then I asked John, “But…does it work? Do you miss not know that one thing? Is it satisfying?”

“Do you miss it?” he said. “No, you really don’t. Is it satisfying? Oh yes.”


The cover you’re seeing today was a collaboration between John (pencils and colors), myself (inks and design) and Michael DeVito (the “worn” look). But all of us owe a debt to the great Bob Kane, creator of Batman, who did the original version of this cover for Detective Comics, waaaaaaay back in the day. Check it out:


Today’s fan art comes from SuperFan Marjorie Rishel (also a recent winner of SuperFogeys Vol. 1). This is the first Harvey fan art I think I’ve gotten and it’s fantastic. See!


MONDAY – 306 – “He Looks Like He’s Dying” – The Fogeys are back at Valhalla and…one of them might be a robot?

TUESDAY – 307 – “T-Magus” – Um…I don’t actually know what this one is about.

FRIDAY – Jerry Origin page 1, featuring the unexpected return of a character we haven’t seen in a while!