Jerry origin artistĀ John Jett has gone the extra mile and dreamed up a fun little competition for you all. He’s created two fantastic sketch cards and he wants YOU to have them! Check ‘em out:

Here’s how it’s going to work:

1. Introduce someone new to the SuperFogeys.

2. Have that person drop a comment on any of the JERRY ORIGIN PAGES (Important!). Like, for instance, this one.

3. In their comment, they MUST MENTION YOU so I know exactly who to credit. For example, “Hi, this is my first time reading the SuperFogeys and Magilla Gorilla [that's you] was the one who referred me!”

4. Repeat steps 1-3 as many times as possible before 11:59pm EST, JUNE 2nd, 2011. The winners will be announced that morning!

Here’s how the winners will be determined:

I’m looking for whoever can bring in the most new readers. The THREE people who bring in the most new readers will get the sketch cards. That’s right, I will be choosing THREE winners.

“But Brock,” I hear you say. “There’s only two sketch cards. I think you’re a decent artist and writer (with a propensity towards being overly wordy and having no stamina at the drawing table), but you suck at math. What gives?”

What gives is we’re gonna have a grand prize winner. Whoever gets THE MOST new readers over to the site will get the privilege of commissioning a new sketch card from John Jett of the character of their choice. The runner up will then get to choose either the Jerry or the Spy Gal sketch card and the third place winner will get whichever one is left.

Cool. Sound good? Everybody understand?

FYI, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never posted a comment on this site before. So long as the new reader drops a name, I’ll record it even if I’m not familiar with it. Anyone can enter and I don’t care how you get new people over here. I know that opens the door to people coming over just to leave a comment to help out a friend and then getting out and never coming back–and I’m okay with that. That’s fair. Do what you gotta to win!

Hit me up with any questions down below. Remember: it doesn’t count if the comment isn’t left on one of the pages of theĀ Jerry Origin! Good luck!


MONDAY – 318 – “Getting Rid of Captain Spectacular” – Dr. Klein begins to explain his master plan from the beginning of Chapter 1!

TUESDAY – 319 – “Isn’t Everybody?” – Dr. Rocket makes a key realization about Dr. Klein’s goals.

FRIDAY – Jerry Origin, Pg. 7 – Young Jerry embarks on an eye-opening visit to the future!