No, this wasn’t “our” Money Man, but he was the Money Man Sam spent the most time with. Still, he came in late.

I remember when my dad died. I had been away from home for a while and when I returned for the funeral there were those present whom I didn’t know–those who had attached themselves to my father and my family in one way or another during my absence. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I felt a kind of resentment towards them. What claim did they have, really? And were there more current stories really better or superseded by my own, older ones? I was bothered by even having to confront the issue.

Sam, of course, confronts so much more. Swifty once called him “a big ball of failure.” Was he right?


I know we just took a brief hiatus, but it’s Christmas and that means another one. Just one week, no worries, and then we barrel towards the finish line at the end of this chapter.

See you again on Monday, Jan. 2nd, 2017!