In case you missed it (I did), the SuperFogeys turned four last month, on the 22nd of September. September 22nd, 2006 was the first day I ever posted a SF strip online–on MySpace, if you can believe it.

And now here we are. I’ve reached the point in the story I initially planned to, and am now writing beyond it. I’ve started a spin-off comic, SuperFogeys Origins, that I’ve had great fun with and that has afforded me the opportunity to work with a lot of extremely talented artists. There’s even a book collecting the first five chapters! How cool is that?

I always said I’d never ask for donations. Nothing against others who do so, but something about it felt weird to me. But, here we are four years later and I think I’ve finally realized that I just can’t keep doing this for free. It’s been my pleasure to bring the SuperFogeys to you on regular basis these past four years, but it’s time to try something new.  Of course, I’m going to do it my own way.

So here’s how it’s going to work:

Did you notice it before you scrolled down here? If you didn’t, take a look up top, just under the Space Pig. See the Money Man icon? I am now accepting donations for the continued production of the SuperFogeys. If you enjoy what I’m doing here and want to see more in the future, your contribution would be very much appreciated.

But, I’m not one to ask for something for nothing. True, you could argue that the strips and pages and story you get every week are the “something,” but I think I can do better than that. So…for the first time ever…I’m making SuperFogeys Wallpapers available.

When you make a donation–be it large or small (there is no minimum or maximum donation required)–the Wallpaper of the Week will be emailed to you asaicgtc (As Soon As I Can Get To a Computer).

“Wallpaper of the Week?” Yep, that’s right. My plan is to have a new wallpaper available every week and post it in the little picture frame below the Money Man (so you know it’s been changed and can see what it is). Usually it will be based on existing art, but I’m hoping to also sneak some originals in there now and again.

Sound like a plan? Everyone on board? My hope is that you can understand the spirit in which I am doing this and and why.

I want to thank those of you that saw my announcement on Twitter about this over the weekend and have already sent in your donations. And to the rest of you, thank you in advance!

Here’s a little look at just some of the wallpapers I’ve already worked up and will be rolling out soon:

(If you can’t see this imagine, click here!)

And hey, I take requests! If you ever see something in the comics that you think would make a great wallpaper, let me know!


How about that Lee Cherolis? There was a last minute, fairly major change to the last panel that I had him make and he came through like it was nothing. I even told him not to worry about making the change in time for the post and that we could just slip the new one in later when nobody was looking, but he said “Nuh-uh. You’re a fool. I do it and I do it right. Take your mediocrity and shove it.”

And thus today’s page is a thing of beauty.

See you on Thursday with SuperFogeys 279!