Greeting, SuperFans! I do believe the sexy quotient has gone up considerably today. Blame the amazing Spy Gal origin artist Lee Cherolis. And me. A little. I mean, I guess I wrote it.

I think we’re skirting the edge of acceptable content here, but we don’t do these things for no good reason. In any case, this page kicks some serious butt, and I think there’s STILL better images to come from the mind of Lee. Look forward now.


Those of you that follow me on Twitter know how excited I am about the upcoming Jerry origin. I’ve been laboring over the script for the past month and I do believe it’s finally in the proper shape. Artist John Jett is currently working on it and I’m trying to throw everything I’ve got at him. John is a classic superhero, George Perez kind of hyper-detailed artist and Jerry’s story is just absolutely perfect for that.

The origin will be 12 pages of revelations, action, psychodrama and…time travel? Of course, time travel. C’mon, it’s me. You knew time travel factored in there somewhere.

Much like the Herman Story, the Jerry origin will come complete with a modern-day framing device which allows Jerry to tell his story in his own words to…someone. Any guesses who?

See you on Thursday with SuperFogeys 278!