Long time fans might find today’s Origins a little familiar. Essentially, what we have here is this little scene done up TL Collins style and given some context.  There are some subtle inconsistencies (like Dr. Rocket’s hair), but nothing too imporant.  Really like what TL did with the top panel in particular–he showed me up big time.


Well, that was fun! According to you guys, the majority of you are geniuses.  Seems like almost everyone figured that Dr. Rocket would be making a return to these “pages” and sure enough he did!

Big thanks to everyone who sent their congrats for the Big 200th Strip.  When you guys have something to say, you really come out in force and it was a good reminder for me that if “x” amount of people are taking the time to leave a comment, then there’s a whole bunch more out there reading silently.

(And just to clear up one thing…I PROMISE you that the ‘X’ disappearing from Dr. Rocket’s head on the SuperFogeys marquee was NOT intentional.  While a lot of you want to conclude from that I was dropping some subtle clue about Dr. Rocket not really being dead, that simply was not the case.  I was not purposefully being deceitful.  The ‘X’ WAS something lost when the Th3rd World site got its recent makeover and despite my repeated pleading that this be corrected, it was simply not meant to be.  It’s just not in my nature to out and out lie like that.  I know some of you refuse to believe this, but that’s the honest-to-goodness truth [and the least you could do--and you know who you are--is back me up on this, man!].)

This Week:


Thursday sees SF 201 drop and the answers to just how Dr. Rocket’s return is possible begin to unfold. You definitely don’t want to miss that.  Fidel speaks!



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