Twitter is the latest internet addiction to blow up big lately.  At first, you didn’t see to many people outside of the geek/tech community getting into it. Now you have people tweeting (the extremely annoying term for the act of using Twitter) births with live updates.  Craziness (and, not something I want to hear about in that kind of detail.) That’s the danger of Twitter–narcissism. I seriously don’t care what you’ve passed through your bowels lately. Seriously.

I do enjoy Twitter though, when it’s not abused. I use it for a few things:

1. As a promotional tool for SuperFogeys–this includes letting people know when an update is coming (it’s at the same time every week, but still…), showing off artwork in advance, asking for help when I’m writing, giving up spoilers, etc.

2. To converse with fans, peers and friends who are also on Twitter.

3. Sharing cool stuff like links to videos I think are interesting, news stories, etc.

4. Misc. stuff–random (but hopefully interesting) thoughts, milestones, significant life updates, etc.

Here’s a sampling of recent stuff I’ve “tweeted.” (ugh):

@jacksonferrell Thanks for the mention in today’s TWIW! http://webcomicweek.blogspo…

Marooned is killin’ it right now. Really loving the art and coloring. Nice pacing in yesterday’s as well:

Finally saw BSG finale. Holy crud was that even better than I’d hoped. A successful blend of my two favorite things–sci fi and religion.

Traffic for SF 200 more than double usual amount. Lesson? Do milestone “double zero” SFs more often.

It’s been 2 days and I’m STILL thinking about the Battlestar Galactica finale. It’s gets more brilliant every day.

@kms007 I’d recommend giving BSG a shot. Better than any sci-fi movie in the last 10 years. Rent the miniseries first, check it out.

12seconds – Showing off my latest work project to be published.

Need to write a scene between two characters that are just about the last two you’d ever expect to see together. For SuperFogeys Origins.

No one owns truth.

Kinda tired of the names Rap stars choose for themselves.

Who tolerates the intolerant?

Is there such a thing as a vegan smoker? And if so…why?

What is your most favorite song of all time? Simple question. Difficult to answer.

My all-time fave song? How It Ends by Devotchka

All comments so far on today’s SuperFogeys Origins now responded to!

STILL thinking about the BSG finale. When will it let me go?

12seconds – In-Progress Pencils to SuperFogeys 201

@doubledcomics Of course it’s strategic finger placement! Gotta block the spoilers.

It is not necessary to actually use the word “actually” in each and every sentence.

I just hope everyone can understand this: you don’t have to use “just” in every sentence either.

See the titles of the next several SuperFogeys,…

TL (Bullfinch and SFO artist) Collins just joined Twitter. Help me spread the message and Retweet. Follow him at

12seconds -… Creepy Voice Inks for SF 201! Your day is not complete without me haunting you.

Holy Snot! The “Where the Wild Things Are” trailer is INCREDIBLE.

So there you go.  That’s a good sampling.  If you’re interested, I’d recommend getting your own account.  As you can see, each “tweet” (ugh) is limited to a certain number of characters (141), so that makes for good, brief fun.

And if you’re interested in following me, go here.

Next Week:

SuperFogeys Origins returns on Tuesday as one of our heroes has his heart broken. Then, on Thursday, the answer rollout continues as the Third Man and Dr. Rocket begin expositing while trying to make it sound like a perfectly normal conversation. Be there!


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