THE BIG 200!

Ho dang.  I’ve been teasing it for weeks and it’s finally here.  Whether or not it was worth the wait is up to you, but overall I’m pretty happy with it.  Those who have been paying close attention probably found this episode extra special, but I think it stands pretty well on its own.  Always a goal of mine, but not always accomplished.


I know there are at a lot of webcomics that have hit the big 200 and have gone quite far beyond.  Some of them even do it within a year! (My hat’s off to you guys.)  But for me, the road to 200 was a 2 and a half year journey and if you had told me back in September of 2006 that I would make this far with this project–and that there’d be a spinoff in the form to SuperFogeys Origins to boot!–I’d have laughed in your face and spit warm Kool-Aid on your mother’s grave (because taking things too far is never far enough).

As Tad (the guy who gave me the idea for SF in the first place) remarked yesterday in the comments, looking back on the humble beginnings of SF is a bit like looking at the crude Bart Simpson from the Tracy Ullman days (all the young kids say “Wha?”).  It’s kind of sad what I was trying to pass off as legitimate comicking.

So here SF is now and I, personally, believe it to be better than ever.  I know I’m more satisfied with the work I’m producing and I feel like the storyline has gotten some real momentum.  (Espeically with today’s strip.  You’ll get a sense of what this means for the future in the coming weeks.  And don’t worry about lingering questions about Dr. Rocket–I’m about to explain everything.)

But…even with all that being true, I don’t think anything will ever match the feeling I had the first time I posted a SF strip online and got those great, positive, encouraging responses.  That first strip was crude, to be sure, but no one made a bit deal out of that and they just enjoyed it for what it was.  Those early comments gave me quite the high and got my mind and drawing hand working overtime.

I really want to thank all of you for coming here week in and week out.  Especially to those of you that are kind enough to share your thoughts about SF with me.  And MOST especially thanks to those of you that have been with me right from the beginning and are still here now–you know who you are.


In the spirit of that, please feel free comment and theorize about today’s strip, but if you have a favorite SF moment from the past couple years–whether it be a favorite gag, storyline, character, story arc or something else entirely–I’d love to hear about it. Let’s share.

For me, I think Episode 12 will, perhaps, always be my favorite. I think only about half of you got it, but for me it was a joke that surprised me in its efficiency and bizarreness.  Plus, it’s one of the few strips from Chapter 1 that don’t look like zombie dog vomit. And, hey, SPACE PIG DEBUT!


I had a ton of fun inking today’s strip.  Anyone who has caught my comments here and there about the art of SF knows that I find pencilling to be a chore, but inking is great fun for me.  I was really pleased how the last panel of today’s strip turned out, so I thought I’d share the unaltered inked version for anyone who loves pure black and white comic art like I do.

Next Week:

SuperFogeys Origins returns on Tuesday with a recreation of one of the early SF flashbacks TL Collins style!  Then, on Thursday, Dr. Rocket gets an important phone call…


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