I want to do an entire comic book of Star Maiden just walking around Valhalla and interacting with everyone. She’s so, so much fun to write and draw.  Some of my most favorite lines from her ever are in this strip. I wanted to cut down the dialogue for the print edition, but I couldn’t find anything I could cut without dearly missing it.


Been a long time coming, but SuperFogeys T-Shirts are finally available! Two designs are up right now, with more to come.  Very excited about this.  Can’t wait to get mine.

They shirts are due to ship around October 31st.  Hmm…what’s that holiday I see coming?  I’m just sayin’.

And Don’t Forget There’s Still a Way to Get Your SF T-Shirt for Free!

There’s only two days left in the SuperFogeys Trivia Contest!  I’ve only gotten a few entries, so there’s still a chance for you to get in there!  I stop accepting entries this Thursday at 11:59pm.  Get the questions and all the details here!

Get SuperFogeys in YOUR Newspaper!

Big news item posted yesterday about the SuperFogeys and Th3rd World’s offer to newspapers to have it appear for FREE.  We’re thinking mainly college newspapers are going to be interested in this, but, really, we’re open to any newspaper.  As we see it, it’s another great way to get the word out. Check out the full details and contact information here.

BLOG update – “Childhood Stories From the Epic Life”

Bet y’all thought I’d forgotten about the blog, didn’t ya?  Don’t worry, I’ll try to do better.  My blogs, as always, are located below the news section.  The latest is a short autobiographical essay, “Childhood Stories From the Epic Life.” Strictly for those who can entertain the possiblity that I can write outside of four panels.

Webcomic Reader’s Choice Awards Update

And…the SuperFogeys goes down in flames!  Woo-hoo!  Nah, SF had a pretty fair showing, all things considered.   Here’s how it shook out:

Art – 7th Place

Writing – 5th Place and an Honorable Mention

Design – 4th Place

Author Congeniality – 2nd Place

Supporting Character (Space Pig) – 8th Place

Congrats to all the winners in their categories.  Some pretty stiff competition up in there.  Watch yer backs!  I’m coming on strong next year.


Wow, bunch of stuff to go over today.  Of course, the most important thing is today’s regular SF update, the antepenultimate strip of Chapter 5.  What now, Dr. Rocket?