I’ve been to Las Vegas on several occasions, but I can’t honestly say that it’s a city I enjoy visiting. Not only is it the site of one of the biggest romantic blunders of my life, but there’s a bit of darkness hanging over that town. I get the grossest feeling as I near the Strip. But they do have cheap lobster and good prices on hotel rooms, so it has that going for it. Good job, Bugsy Siegel!

Marc tore it up on that last panel. Based on the description of CS I wrote, I wasn’t entirely sure what he would end up looking like. Hilarious, turned out to be the answer. Look for most of the Fogeys to adopt a different mode of dress from what you’re used to in this chapter.

It’s field trip time!


Those of you who have seen X-Men: First Class know how great it is. One of the first things I wanted to do after watching it was to go back and watch the first two original X-Men movies with the new background knowledge First Class gives us. As I expected, some of the continuity details do not match up (Professor X does not meet Magneto when he is seventeen, for example), but the relationships between the characters, particularly between Prof. X, Magneto and Mystique, have quite a bit more weight now. And I contend that there’s so much depth in the performances of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan that you can see hints of the movie that only came out a few weeks ago. That’s how skillful they are. Pretty amazing stuff to see.

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