384 – Taking It Well

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  1. Dierna

    *lmao*@the fly guy on the ceiling with a walker…

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      A Marc addition if there ever was one.

  2. praetor1983

    At least Cap’s reacting – not the most healthy reaction, but, it’s still a reaction.

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      And there’s more reaction to come. Count on it.

  3. Animaniac

    “It will be of all of you” ?

    Is interest the missing word?

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      Argh. Yes, thanks for catching that. Fixed!

      • Javier

        Hey, Brock, whatever happened to the podcast?

        • Brock Heasley
          Brock Heasley

          See below! It’s up!

  4. Javier

    And so the disappointment continues. Man, these next few weeks are going to be rough. Jerry, enjoy it while you can. You shall not prevail!

  5. drew88101

    he wouldn’t be boozing it up if he’d gotten his behind off the slot machine! Dude got his just desserts!

    • Bry

      Can’t help but think you’re right. Also can’t help but laugh at Tangerine’s choice of attire.

  6. mkinyon

    This could be an interesting conversation because of what Tangerine knows:

    • drew

      I almost forgot about that…will tangerine slip in this conversation and let the whole truth out…HMMM can’t wait to find out!!!

  7. Sam

    Well I must saw T looks a lot different than the last time we saw him…and Cap’n is looking a lot like he used to. Wonder what Dr. K is ganna say to him.

  8. drew

    also since Spy Gal and Jerry (aka Dr. Klein aka 3rd man) are now married…how will jerry pull the whole jerry/dr. Klein Seperate roles in check most married couples love to spend time together…it’s gonna look weird if he keeps mysteriously disappearing

    • Bryan

      I posted that same thought a strip or two ago. I’m pretty curious, too!

    • Blackbeard's Delight
      Blackbeard's Delight

      Yeah, even with the convenience that the holes permit him – at some point he’s going to forget to take off the wig or mustache when switching back to Jerry.

  9. Scott

    @mkinyon — Good catch. I don’t think the new Tangerine would consciously reveal the truth considering that Cap basically screwed himself over. However… Dr. Rocket might. He showed CS mercy once, and he might feel that this is unnecessary suffering once again.

    I’m glad that CS has had some sort of reaction at least.

  10. Si Civa
    Si Civa

    Yes, indeed Captain is taking it well because he has his pants on.

    I guess Captain is very emotional guy, always been, but he will land on his feet in the end, probably.

  11. tmcelmurry

    My how the mighty have fallen. We knew he would spiral down after the news of this unholy matrimony finally came to him. Tangerine can be a pretty good ally at this point, like @mkinyon pointed out.

    Man, there’s no better way to relax than watching the Lone Ranger while Fly guy walks above your head with his walker. Better hope he’s wearing his Depends today. :)

  12. quarktime

    Is that Red Stripe beer? Oh, dear Lord, he IS in a bad state. Red Stripe is terrible beer! At least drink Yuengling or Sam Adams! Show a little TASTE if you’re gonna go on an emotional bender!

    I used to use Andre’s Champagne. The convenience store had it at 2 bottles for $5. Can’t beat that for wallowing in STYLE.

  13. quarktime

    I take it back…green bottle with a red star on the label…Heineken. That’s okay, then. I used to do boilermakers with that and Metaxa 7-star brandy. (But Red Stripe is still lousy. Tastes like an old innertube.)

  14. Infamous Nefarious
    Infamous Nefarious

    Welp…. There went the pants again.

    Also, how in the heck did they get home when their Donut-tron super plane got the coup de grace?

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      Given that one of their number is now very, very rich, I figured I’d leave that little issue to your imaginations.

  15. Holaved

    And the pants are off again. They’re tied directly to his self-respect, aren’t they?Tangerine’s wearing glasses, which must be reading glasses, as he seems to navigate just fine without them. In this strip, I wonder if they’re not a hint at a larger plot element with him. Heh.I love the human fly guy, and even our unknown friend watching The Lone Ranger. Definite hints there that Valhalla is much bigger than it has looked to us thus far (and would have,/i. to be, to accomodate the retiring superfolk of world full of ‘em. I’m a bit surprised that I’ve seen none of us realize that… I also love the fact that Unidentified Man is watching The Lone Ranger. I am now on the lookout for The Green Hornet and The Shadow to show up somewhere. :D

  16. CartoonistWill

    I LOVE that fly guy!

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