Hear us now! Geek League of America has a new podcast up and Marc and I were invited to come on the show to talk with Jeff and Shawn Carter and give our thoughts on Man of Steel. Marc and I don’t exactly agree, and no one on the show is as enthused as I am about the film, so it was a unique opportunity to defend my stance on the film and expand on some of the thoughts I’ve written in my two reviews here on superfogeys.com.

I know that many of you disagree with my take as well, some of you vehemently so! I love it. I love the discussion. And you know you wanna hear why Marc was “disappointed” with the movie. In the podcast, we cover everything from the amount of destruction in the film, Superman’s choice at the end, whether the filmmakers “got” Superman and what, exactly, Goyer, Nolan and Snyder did that was different from other takes on Superman that warranted this reboot.

Listen here now!