Hey, everybody! Guess what? I was just invited to be a regular contributor to the fantastic news and opinion site, Geek League of America. My first piece “The Jedi Are Pricks: How Star Wars VII-IX Can Make the Prequels Retroactively Better” just went up! Here’s a preview:

The upcoming Star Wars sequels present a unique challenge in that they’re not only following up one of the most beloved trilogies of all time, but also one of the most reviled. The Prequels. AKA, the movies you really, really want to like more than you do. But you never will, right?

Maybe. Maybe… not.

What if there actually was a way for Director JJ Abrams and Screenwriter Michael Arndt to embrace the Prequels and, retroactively, make them better? They kind of have to do the former. Like it or not, Episodes I-III are part of the story. A trilogy that caps a trilogy of trilogies has got to acknowledge its roots in some way to be complete. Otherwise, it will be as empty as, well, the Prequels.

But how do you make something that’s done and complete, better? Simple, you reframe it. You present insight that gives new meaning to what came before and changes how you look at it forevermore.

And it’s not even hard. The Prequels have been set up for this from the beginning and it’s all due to one, simple, undeniable fact: the Jedi are pricks.

Read the full piece over at Geek League of America right here! And while you’re there, check out the site. It’s a good one.