As @TNickPerkins¬†told me today on Twitter, “DUDE. Stuff happens to you don’t it?” It would seem.

My wife calls me. Middle of the afternoon and I’m at work. “A man in a van just drove into our house and then smashed into our car.” No, no one got hurt. Not even the driver. Thank goodness. At the end of the day, I don’t care about anything else. Just that.

I drive home immediately and there’s tons of police and paramedics and a guy sitting on our lawn with his head held low. His van is still joined at our Scion’s hip. Things are worse than I thought. He also hit our water main. I just missed seeing the gusher turned off by a handy neighbor with a wrench. 100 phone calls and two hours later, our car has been towed away, we have a rental, and I’m eating pizza and drinking bottled water. The pizza was nice.

Even nicer? Earlier in the day, my daughter Elora bought me a present with her allowance. A deck of Star Wars 3D playing cards. She could not have picked a better time to give them to me. Sweetest thing she’s ever done and it inspired my first smile since I first got the bad news.

So that was my Tuesday, how was yours?