Hey, gang! Your friendly neighborhood Fogeys artist, Marc here! Since Brock if off enjoying a well deserved vacation, I thought I would pop in here and share some non-SuperFogeys art. One of my All Time favorite shows as a child was ‘The Greatest American Hero’. William Katt starred as Ralph Hinkley, a meek high school teacher who becomes the owner of a fantastic suit that grants the wearer unimaginable powers. However, shortly after receiving the suit from some mysterious aliens, Ralph looses the instruction manual and hilarity and adventure ensues. The incomparable Robert Culp and the stunning Connie Sellecca as FBI agent Bill Maxwell and Ralph’s lawyer/ girlfriend, Pam Davidson respectively round out an excellent cast.

This piece is my little tribute to the spirit of a show that brought many a smile was brought to my young face.

Here's a look at the pencils.

Inks done with Pigma pens.

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