Mr. Crook is one of those guys that gets mentioned from time to time, but that you don’t really know much about.  In fact, unless I’m completely wrong, I do believe this is the first time he’s ever spoken a word.  It was fun to finally have him do that.

His time as mostly passed in the current continuity (i.e. the strips you see on Thursdays), but he did play an integral role in the plot of the first chapter.  Check the first mention of him waaaaaaay back in Strip #10.

His costume was designed by Mike Hartigan, creator of Eskimo Dave, for the bonus story that appeared in the first SuperFogeys collection.  Mike did a great job with it, but I do so love TL’s depiction of him here.  Appropriately pathetic.


As of this writing I’m not even halfway done pencilling the 200th SuperFogeys strip.  Part of that is because I’m nervous about its reception and I want to get it right, and part of that is because I’m drawing some things I’ve never drawn before and I’m an easily intimidated artist.

Still, this Thursday is a big one.  Tell your friends.


It’s my youngest daughter Campbell’s birthday on Wednesday, the 18th.  She can’t read yet, but I would have felt like a bad dad without mentioning it.

That’s lame. There has to be a way to make this SuperFogeys-related…oh, yes, I know!  In the grand tradition of basing little kid characters on my own children (Dictator Tot was based on my eldest daughter Elora), Cami will be making her SuperFogeys debut in the next chapter, Chapter 7.  Best part: she’ll appear entirely as herself.  Swifty better watch out.


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