Bringing together a lot of characters and a lot of threads here. Let me see if I can break it down a little.  (Remember: I only do these as a service to you, the reader. Feel free to skip it.)

1. Michelle is the ex-wife of Captain Spectacular and mother to his son, Tom.  She is currently a statue of the grounds of the great hall of the Society of Heroes. (Yeah. Just go with it.)

2. Tom is the son of Captain Spectacular and Michelle. He recently visited Valhalla and was subsequently “killed” by the Third Man.

3. Dr. Klein is the founder of Valhalla, but also secretly the villain known as the Third Man. Everyone thinks the Third Man killed Tom, but really he just locked him up in an undisclosed location.

4. After her time with Captain Spectacular, but before going all post-Medusa, Michelle dated Swifty at a time when he was under a lot of pressure from his dead father (again, just go with it) to fulfill a prophecy. You might even call it…his destiny.

Click the links above for more, but that’s the gist. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know everything to enjoy the story.


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For now, enjoy these peeks at the latest submissions. (Please note that images are not viewable in Internet Explorer…we’re working on it.)

Young Spy Gal Using Her Powers by Lee Cherolis!

Geoff Munn’s second Young Spy Gal submission–in a completely different style! Too cool. Thanks for going the extra mile, Geoff!


On Tuesday, Star Maiden grows up a little and we see what he adolescent years were like.

Then, on Thursday, be back here as Dr. Rocket enters Dr. Klein’s office. Something tells me they have A LOT to talk about…