Thanks to those of you that have already voted and supported MONSTERPLEX! (You’re probably the same ones who read this section every week!) As of this writing, we’re number two, but the margin between us and first place appears to be quite slim.  Team Monsterplex can still win this thing!

I’ll shut up about it now for the rest of this post.


Pretty loaded strip today. My suspicion is that some of you guessed a long time ago what was going on, but for those of you who are just today figuring it out…uh, whad’ja think?

Let’s track this thing!

1. Dr. Klein tracks down the real Dr. Rocket in Cuba after the death of Herman.

2. Dr. Klein and Dr. Rocket strike a deal. Dr. Klein begs Dr. Rocket not to make him do it.

3. Ms. Missile comes to Valhalla and Dr. Klein tries to back out of the deal.

4. Tom, the son of Captain Spectacular, introduces Ms. Missile as his girlfriend.

5. Dr. Rocket is supportive of Ms. Missile’s relationship with Tom, Captain Spectacular is not.

4. Dr. Klein, disguised as the Third Man, kills Tom.

Did you figure it out?


3 updates next week! On Tuesday and Wednesday we continue the story of Captain Spectacular’s fifth wife, Michelle Masters…and it’s kind of heartbreaking.

Then, on Thursday, Chapter 7, “Visiting Day” concludes…but with what? Seems like it ended pretty well today, doesn’t it? Oh no, my friend. Not even close. We’ll also be previewing Chapter 8, “The Captain and the Spy.”  Be there!