In case you missed it on Tuesday…

I have a comic in the monthly competition over at Zuda (the webcomics arm of DC Comics). At stake: a one-year contract with DC to keep making my comic.  That’s comic’s name? MONSTERPLEX.

If you like SuperFogeys, I’ve got a feeling you’ll really dig MONSTERPLEX.

The winner of the competion is based solely on popularity. This is where I desperately need your help. Here’s a list of everything the Zuda overlords are looking to determine which comic they’re going to sign:

1. Votes

2. Adding to Favorites

3. Star Ratings

4. Number of Comments

5. Traffic

To participate (vote, favorite, leave comments, etc.) you’ll need to register an account over at Zuda (only takes a minute or two, tops). It’s always been a dream of mine to work for one of the big two (DC or Marvel) and I’m hoping you’ll join Team Monsterplex and help make that happen. I’ve never asked for donations to keep the SuperFogeys going, but I am asking for this!

Joining me on MONSTERPLEX are my office mate David Schlotterback on art and Th3rd World Publisher Michael DeVito on colors. Even if you think my writing is terrible (and if you do, why are you here?), please check out the great work these two guys are doing!


There’s also a Monsterplex Blog where we’re revealing behind-the-scenes info and updating constantly with news.

Also: Facebook Fan page.

Thanks to everyone who has voted so far and is supporting us! Don’t forget to pop back in now and again to comment. You can’t vote twice, but you can comment and visit as much as you want!

(Anyone looking for more detailed instructions about how to login to Zuda and vote should refer to this post. Thanks!)


In other news…Tall Tale Features, the fantastic cartoonist collective I’m privileged to be a part of, has relaunched this week! Irma E. of Imy has done an amazing job redesigning the website from the ground up. You’ll also find a bunch of new features, including Reviews and How-To posts. TTF has now shifted focus a bit to throw more of a spotlight on the Tall Tale Radio podcast, as we should.

You have got to check this thing out!


Meet the Captain’s Fifth Wife on Tuesday on page 5 of The Six Wives of Captain Spectacular! I’ve got a feeling this is the one you’ve been waiting for.

Then, on Thursday, the penultimate episode of Chapter 7, “Visiting Day” hits and a hidden agenda will stand revealed.