This has no relation to SuperFogeys! But I’m excited for him! She’s a great girl! Virtual (non-alcoholic) toast!

588 B.C.

As most of you have already guessed, this little origin story starts with a very real event–that of the Babylonian invasion of Israel.  What happened was the ruling power in Israel–the house of Judah–fell and was deposed.  According to Jeremiah, the prophet at the time, the Israelites were partying a little too hard and the only way God could restore peace to the neighborhood was eviction. The people of Israel were captured and exiled to Babylon (today known as Iraq).  Around 537 B.C.. after some serious repenting, they returned.  This is all in the Old Testament.

This event also serves as the kickoff for the story of the Book of Mormon.  In that book, a prophet named Lehi (a contemporary of Jeremiah) was instructed some years before the Babylonian Captivity to get his family the heck out of Dodge.  They wandered around in the wilderness for about 8 years before finally building a boat and sailing to “the Promised Land,” or what we now know as South and North America.  The descendants of Lehi are now known as Native Americans.

Is this essential to understanding the origin of Captain Spectacular and Dr. Rocket?  No, not at all.  I think this is a fascinating, significant period of history and, y’know, it’s a fun event to play with.

Plus, how cool is it that CS and DR are Jewish?  I think that’s pretty cool.

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