Shades of Mrs. Robinson! Dr. Rocket is playing with some fire right there.


I have to say, it’s super bizarre posting everything from the beginning again on Webtoon and Instagram. Most of the week, I’m flashing back 8-10 years ago, posting strips I’ve almost forgotten about at this point. And then twice a week I’m posting these strips, in the current storyline. And we’re so far, far away from that early stuff at this point that it’s kind of astonishing. Total mind blow. Marc Lapierre coming on board as artist really changed things in a significant way. He opened the scope of SF that is easy to appreciate just by going back to those early chapters.

Even stranger… I find myself almost working up an appetite to draw a few strips myself after reviewing those 300 strips I did all by myself. Maybe I’ll do a little side story in between chapters… but I don’t know if anyone wants to see that from me at this point. The last time I so ventured, I’m not sure anyone really liked what I came up with on my own besides me, to be honest. (Am I fishing? Maybe a little. What did you guys think of that one? I think it had been too long since I’d last drawn Spy Gal. I didn’t get her quite right.)

See you on Wednesday with 765 – The Spark Between Them!