Merry Christmas, everybody! (For real this time. If you missed our final regular strip of 2013, then you don’t know just how unmerry things got.) Last year, Marc kicked butt with this classic holiday piece. This year, he does himself one better with a spot-on Dr. Suess impression. “How Dr. Rocket Stole Christmas.” Brilliant.

This Friday we kick off Guest Strippin’ Xmas, the time when Marc and I take a short break and let you take the reins. Unfortunately, this year I was lax about announcing Guest Strippin’ Xmas and I think that contributed mightily to the lack of entries. Fortunately, Crystal Murphy, who I only hear from once a year (usually), came to the rescue with 5(!) Xmas-themed SuperFogeys pinups done in the style of coloring book pages. What does that look like? You’ll find out soon. Here’s the schedule:

Friday, Dec. 27: Crystal Murphy 1

Monday, Dec. 30: Crystal Murphy 2

Tuesday, Dec. 31: Crystal Murphy 3

Wednesday, Jan. 1: Crystal Murphy 4

Thursday, Jan. 2: Crystal Murphy 5

Friday, Jan. 3: Crystal Murphy 6

Monday, Jan. 6: SuperFogeys returns with #560!

Got some time on your hands during the holidays and would still like to contribute? Ah, what the heck. Go for it. Email it over to me at bwhheasley (at) gmail (dot) com.