I knew this day was coming, but I was hoping to put it off as long as possible. T.L. was the artist that made SuperFogeys Origins possible. The first to say yes and the only one to take it on as a regular gig. Without him, there would be no SFO.

You all know that T.L. has his own, great webcomic in Bullfinch. The fact that he was able to keep that going while at the same time doing SFO was just astonishing to me. T.L. is like me–he has a job, a family, and responsibilities outsides of comics. Lots of them. Over the past year and a half, it’s been my pleasure to take him away from them as much as possible, but I do believe I’ve worn him out!

Earlier this year, T.L. let me know that Bullfinch is really his baby and he’d like to attend to it more than he has been. This is good news for Bullfinch fans, of course, but horrible, horrible news for SuperFogeys fans.

I mean, check out this list of SFO stories T.L. worked on:

The Money Man

The Society of Heroes

Herman’s Story

Jetpacks Anonymous – Tom’s Story

Harvey the Science Rabbit, Part One

The Life and Times of Soviet Sam

…and one more I’ll name in just a minute.

The Soviet Sam story that concludes this very day is T.L.’s swan song. Sam was a character that I had the idea for, but that T.L. really brought to life. It was his favorite of all the characters he drew for SFO, so this really feels like the best possible note to end on. Plus, I think T.L. would agree with me that Soviet Sam is the best story we worked on together. At the very least–and in large part because of that ending you see above–it’s the one closest to our hearts.

T.L. …thanks, man. Working with you was a dream, truly. You stuck to the scripts, indulged countless revisions and never once complained or said something in the script was too hard to depict. Plus…your art. Man, you’ve got a style and an ease with your figure work that I really envy. You’re a class act and a heckuva talent. (And you’re welcome back any time!)

I hope you’ll all take a minute–even if you’ve never commented before–to wish T.L. good luck in his future endeavors. This was not a paying gig for him. He did it out of enthusiasm for the characters and the fun of presenting his work to an audience.

For my part, I hope one day T.L. and I can meet in person again and I can shake his hand personally to again say “thanks.” I owe you one, man…or several!


I said that Soviet Sam was T.L.’s swan song…but there’s always room for an encore, right? T.L. has one more small, two-page story that he’ll be drawing that will land at the end of next month. This is an important story with a sensitive topic and there was only one man I could trust to do it right. I begged, I pleaded. Finally, T.L. agreed to come back in for one…last…job before getting out of the game.

Coming in August… “Baby Swifty’s First Words!”

(Yes, that’s the actual title.)


This is breaking news. I’ll be making an appearance at the Digital Comics panel in room 27AB at the San Diego Comic-Con next week, on Friday, July 23rd at 11:30 am. I’ll be talking about my experiences in webcomics, with an emphasis on my Zuda experience.

Full details over on the Monsterplex Blog.


Next week begins a brand new Origins tale…”Spy Gal’s Secret Mission” with art by Cory Thomas. It’s Spy Gal’s first solo tale! Be there.

See you on Thursday with SuperFogeys 265!