Welcome back, T.L. Collins! More than any other artist, T.L. defines what a SuperFogeys Origin should look like. We haven’t seen him grace these “pages” since 2009, but he comes back in a big way with this 8-page Soviet Sam story.

Sam is a character we’ve only glimpsed briefly in the regular SF strip, but he made a huge impact about a year ago in the Society of Heroes origin.  T.L. told me at the time that Sam was one of his favorite characters to draw and that he’d love to do a Sam solo story sometime.

You’ll notice that Sam’s origin is pretty much taken care of in this first page. Where the remaining 7 pages of this story takes us is a piece of writing that I’m really proud of. I think you’ll be surprised where T.L. and I are going with this.

Be sure and check out T.L.’s own comic, Bullfinch. T.L. was kind enough to put Bullfinch on hiatus for a month in order to really dedicate himself to Sam’s story, so be sure and “pay” him back by giving his excellent, humorous take on ancient mythologies in a modern day setting a try.

And don’t forget about T.L.’s past SF Origin stories, The Money ManThe Society of HeroesHerman’s StoryJetpacks Anonymous: Tom’s Story, and Harvey the Science Rabbit-Pt.1!


I had an absolute blast Sunday night watching the LOST finale with my wife and a couple of our friends. We had a themed mini party in which we had LOST appropriate food and even dressed up a bit like our favorite characters (okay, the characters we thought we could pull off). There are pictures, and I may yet post them. We’ll see.

As for my reaction to the finale…I’m still kind of forming it but overall I’d say I was very pleased and very moved by it. I acknowledge that I would have liked a little more closure on some of the larger mythology issues, but that didn’t stop me from smiling the whole way through. I though the message in the end was appropriate and meaningful, and that was the thing that was the most important to me. It was a truly moving experience and darn good television.


I love fan art. What comic creator doesn’t? This Thrice Evil piece comes to us from Javier Del Villar, a SuperFan that is a regular commenter around these parts and always has some really interesting things to say and some great observations. Thanks, Javier!


If you can’t see this image, click here!

See you on Thursday with SuperFogeys 258!