FINALLY! It’s time to talk about that missing year. Several chapters back, The SuperFogeys leaped forward one year in its own timeline to find the world much changed. Zurida had conquered the U.S., the Fogeys had once again become the Society of Heroes and were now living in what’s left of California, Soviet Sam was missing an eye, some Fogeys switched sides, and Spy Gal was (seemingly) in love with Jerry. Again. Obviously, things have changed even more since that year jump, but there’s still so many unanswered questions from that missing year. What went on during that year? And, more specifically… what happened to Sam during the Battle of Fresno.

I can’t promise all the answers are coming, but Sam has a story to tell and you’re about to see it.

See you on Monday with 772 – Showdown at the New California Coast!