Been a while since we’ve seen our good friend Death, M.D. I love this guy. He just takes so much delight in his job. Who among us gets to say that? You gotta respect that.

T.L. Collins informs that he really dug drawing this page, and Death, M.D. in particular. I think it shows. This is the penultimate page of Soviet Sam’s story. Be back next week for the big conclusion (no one’s guessed where this ends up, but readers who have been paying close attention shouldn’t have too much trouble) and a special announcement regarding T.L. Collins and SuperFogeys Origins.

Be sure and check out T.L.’s own webcomic, Bullfinch, asap. And you can read Soviet Sam’s story right from the beginningstarting here!



For those of you that missed it last week, early Thursday morning I got some bad news that Zuda, the webcomics arm of DC Comics, shut down existing operations and Monsterplex along with it.


As of this writing, there’s not much else in the way of news to report. You can head on over to the Monsterplex blog to see my reaction from Thursday afternoon, along with a link to a round table interview I did with other Zuda insiders and our reaction to the news. They’re both pretty good reads.

To everyone who supported us back during the February competition, I’m deeply, deeply sorry. This isn’t how I wanted things to turn out either.


As you can imagine, I’ve been on kind of a downer ever since. Not real bad, mind you (I do have a pretty full and rewarding life outside of webcomics), but this all comes at a time when I haven’t been feeling as good about the future of the SuperFogeys. Even while the story is heating up and we’re so, so close to some huge reveals and game changers…readership is going in a different direction than I wish it was.

I know there are a few barriers to becoming a regular reader of the SuperFogeys. The concept alone is just as likely to turn people off as it is to inspire them to check it out. Also, the update schedule could be more frequent. Really, I’m running two different comics (SuperFogeys Origins and The SuperFogeys) on one site that both update once a week! Also: now there’s a huge archive. I’m sure that’s intimidating. Geez. When I put it that way…

If you enjoy the SuperFogeys, please consider sharing it with a friend. Word-of-mouth is the best way for good things to spread and will take down all barriers better than a great ad or a good review will. I believe in the SuperFogeys. I believe that I’m creating a quality comic here and that it’s something a great many more people could enjoy if they’d only give it a chance.

I’ve got a great story to tell and you’re finally about to see what it’s REALLY all about. Let’s get some other people in here and have some fun, what do you say?

See you on Thursday with SuperFogeys 264!