One of the things that’s really hard to achieve in the strip format is any sense of scale. A comic book page gives you that vertical space that really allows you to expand the visuals out that a strip just doesn’t. True, there’s nothing saying we HAVE to do this in strips–that’s a self-imposed restriction–but that’s what SF is and, save for those rare occasions we do triple-sized strips (what’s that you say? 500 is coming up soon? hmm…), scale is nearly impossible to get across.

Which is why today’s strip impressed me so much. It’s not just the fact that in the first panel the camera is pulled back so far, it’s the storytelling choices Marc made. We get a really full, complete view of the scene by the time we get to the fourth panel and you do get the idea that these guys are pretty high up and Dr. Rocket has a long, long way to fall. Harvey, too. Gonna miss those guys.

Did you know the navigation issue between chapters was fixed a few weeks ago? Now, when you click on “Next Chapter” you’ll go right to the next chapter. This was particularly a problem with going from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2. Big thanks to SuperFan Scott Norton for his help with this!