"Tom?" I hear you say. "Who the heck is Tom?"

It’s been a while since we’ve seen him, but for those of you who need to get up to speed, let’s look back a little, shall we?

Tom’s Origin Story

When Tom Met Ms. Missile

Tom in Chapter 7, Visiting Day

The Last Time We Saw Tom

Everybody all caught up? Good. As for the Jerry part of the origin…well, that’s just getting started, isn’t it?

Today’s stunning artwork is from John Jett. You’re gonna see some amazing stuff over the next 12 weeks!


MONDAY – 208 – "Time Displaced/Erased/No Taste" in which…huh, I’m just seeing a lot of blank panels on that one.

WEDNESDAY – 209 – "Time Travelin’ Scamps" – The end of Chapter 10, BUBBLES OF LIGHT!

FRIDAY – Jerry, Page 2 – "The Boy Who Lived" – Jerry is paid a special visit by two very important but little seen characters in the SF Universe. Be there!