I don’t know what the deal is with all the blank panels today. I promise you Marc is a better artist than this. We’re gonna have words, believe you me.


For those of your that don’t know, I’ve been writing a memoir (a personal, true history written more like a novel) about my Dad and growing up called¬†Raised By a Dead Man – A Coming-of-Age Story Between Two Shootings. As you can imagine, it’s incredibly different from my comics work.

I’m pleased to report that on Friday I finalized the third draft and sent out my query letter (like a one page pitch) to an initial round of agents. This was my first time stepping into a much larger world and I was about as nervous as can be as I wondered what would happen next. Within half an hour, I got my first response and request for sample pages!

This is a big deal. Even if the agent currently looking at the book eventually passes, what I know now is that my story and the way I’m pitching it is strong. I’m incredibly excited and saying some real prayers in the hope that my little book finds its way to the right people.

I’ll keep you posted.

See You on Wednesday with SuperFogeys 309 and the conclusion to Chapter 10 РBubbles of Light!