And now you see how it all began. This strip was tricky. It’s the only one that I can remember that has both Jerry and Dr. Klein in it at the same time. The artist, Mike Hartigan, had no clue about the link between them and, for some reason, removed the panel of Spy Gal sitting alone in her room with the clock ticking by that I had scripted. My feeling was that it was important to show time passing so that, years later when it was finally revealed that Jerry and Dr. Klein are the same person, you all wouldn’t come barking at me about how there’s no way Dr. Klein could have changed into Jerry that fast (even though how much time passes between panels in a comic book is always up for debate–but ANYWAY). This has been the challenge of the SuperFogeys for four years now–writing it such that it would enjoyable and intelligible to all of you taking the journey in the present, while at the same time making sure that your future selves would be satisfied! (Is it any wonder I introduced time travel as a story element?)

I could have asked the artist to do a redraw, but the only way to make it not sound like nitpicking was to tell him the secret and I was not going to do that. The SuperFogeys weren’t even a year old back then! It was way too early to start trusting people with something that big. Instead, I opted for the very, very tired device you see in the last panel, the “Later…” caption. It makes me cringe, but at least it gets the job done, right?

And you know more than you need to know about that.

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Also, for those of you that haven’t heard the Tall Tale Radio interview I did recently, I’ll be announcing the latest artist to sign up for an Origin story and the story we’ll be working on together–with preview art!


And then, on Thursday, Chapter 10, Bubbles of Light begins! You don’t want to miss this one. Many of your questions will be answered, that I can guarantee!