When last we left Spy Gal she had found out her husband, Jerry, was living a triple life as the founder of Valhalla and the villainous Third Man. Then she found out a whole bunch of other stuff. It’s been a rough day.

One of the things that was extremely important to me in this chapter–well, THE most important thing, if you must know–was getting Spy Gal’s reaction to this terrible news exactly right. By my standards. I say that because I’ll bet each and every one of you who regularly read SF have some idea of how this should be playing out. It’s one of those things that’s been coming a long, long time, so of course you’d have your own version in your heads. Some of you have already disagreed with how this is going. That’s okay. That’s part of the fun. I have very fixed ideas of who these characters are, but I know this story has been going on long enough that some of them mean just as much if not more to you. And you’ve got your fixed ideas as well.

I’ll say this: I’ve kind of long passed the point where I tell these characters what to do. They feel like real people to me, so I kind of let them tell me how they’re going to react to things. I never really thought that was a real thing, but I do now. They may live in my brain, but they live. That’s pretty exciting.

Big thanks to everyone who chimed in on the 7th Anniversary of SF. It’s not the biggest anniversary, but for some reason this one was a big deal to me. We’ve really gone the distance, haven’t we?