Those of you who follow Marc on Twitter or Facebook know that he likes to try out lots of different art styles. We’d been looking for an excuse for him to incorporate one of those art styles into the strip and today’s seemed like a natural fit. I think it came off beautifully. For you process junkies, Marc shares his thoughts and behind-the-scenes photos in the blog posting this very day (you should be able to scroll down and see it).

This week is a bit of a recap week, but a necessary one. This is all new information to Spy Gal. For the curious, let’s see if I can give you some links to the events referenced in the above strip:

1. The Third Man Talking to the Society of Heroes – This is from the SuperFogeys Origins story “Operation: Valhalla” which revealed the machinations behind Spy Gal coming to Valhalla.

2. The Vahalla Grand Opening – We’ve never actually seen this event. The closest we’ve gotten is this picture of Dr. Klein with Valhalla’s first residents.

3. Jerry Getting Shot – This is from Chapter 4, “Dictator Tot’s Revenge.” Spy Gal ended up feeling real bad about this and drawing closer to Jerry because of it.

4. Dr. Klein Talking to Dr. Rocket – For a while, Jerry in the guise of Dr. Klein was in cahoots with Dr. Rocket, commissioning the good doctor to build a giant robot for him.  Why? Because…

5. The Giant Robot, aka ‘Donutron’ – A Giant Robot reigned horror on Las Vegas and Jerry was the one to stop it, endearing Spy Gal to him to the degree that they got married that very night. Did you ever notice the visual symmetry between Jerry and ‘Donutron?’ Marc pointed it out to me over the weekend.

6. Captain Spectacular Hits the Jackpot – When Captain Spectacular couldn’t tear himself away from the slots to fight the Giant Robot, Spy Gal finally realized he was not the man for her. Jerry, for all his faults, knows the Fogeys better than anyone. He knew exactly how lazy Cap would get in Vegas.

There you have it. Hope it helps.

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