I was watching The Great Gatsby with my wife the other night (the 2013 version by Baz Luhrmann–incredible movie) and a thought occurred to me that Jerry and Jay Gatsby have more than a little in common. Both of them are hiding their real names and who they really are, and both of them live a life that is really just one big scheme to get a girl. Jerry has Valhalla and Gatsby has his mega house with the all the parties. Jerry wants Spy Gal, Gatsby wants Daisy. That’s just the start. You could go a lot deeper with the comparisons.

Well, scant hours after posting this thought on the SF Twitter and Facebook, SuperFan Kelsi Jane Swensen responded with this fantastic photoshop job:

From left to right, that’s Star Maiden as Myrtle Wilson, Captain Spectacular as Tom Buchanan, Spy Gal as Daisy Buchanan, Jerry as Jay Gatsby, Zurida as Jordan Baker and, uh, me as Nick Carraway, aka the narrator. I admit I laughed out loud when I saw that last one.

Great, funny work, Kelsi! Thanks for sending it in.