Raise of hands who wants to see Marc draw the twisted version of Jerry all day.

That’s what I thought. Seriously, Marc has got one heckuva dark side or something because that shot of Jerry cackling is just horrendously terrific. You guys have been great about really digging into Jerry lately and figuring out what makes him tick, but I think the other side of this that’s completely fascinating to me is what Spy Gal must be going through. She’s a particular and unique kind of person with a varied life experience. How does someone like Spy Gal handle someone like Jerry–someone who supposedly loves her? You’re about to find out.

Spy Gal references two events in today’s strip you might want to revisit. It was Jerry under the guise of the Third Man who manipulated events to bring Tangerine to Valhalla, and then this happened. It was revealed later that this is what really happened. A little bit later, Tom, the son of Captain Spectacular was seemingly killed, but at the end of the chapter it was revealed that he was merely kidnapped, then, much later on, Spy Gal and everyone else found out. There, you’re all caught up now.

See you on Wednesday for a little bit of Jerry history and Marc drawing in a style never before seen in SuperFogeys!