We’ve seen this scene before. Most notably¬†here. John really drew the snot out of this page and it is indeed one of his favorites so far. Dude keeps getting better and better. Amazing.


I’ve been hearing from many of you that you’re seeing Green Lantern and having a better experience¬†than I did. You’re welcome for your diminished expectations!


If there’s one superhero movie I’m most excited for this summer, it’s Captain America. Pretty much everyone I know feels that way. From the costume to the period setting to Marvel’s track record, this one has all the makings of a huge hit. Plus, I think we’re all hungering for a genuine hero–someone who not only rises above but wants to. That’s Steve Rogers all the way. From what I’ve seen, it looks like they got it right.¬†Here’s the latest trailer so you can judge for yourself.

What’s the movie you’re most looking forward to this summer? Or have you already seen it? Did it meet your expectations?


MONDAY- 328 – “Pairing Off” – The Fogeys are assigned their buddies, but one of them may be left out in the cold…er, heat.

WEDNESDAY – 329 – “Ear Twist” – Captain Spectacular gets his ear twisted. I imagine this will make some of you very happy.

FRIDAY – Jerry, Pg. 12 – The chase to get Dr. Rocket is on! It will not end well.