Based on this strip, for some reason, a lot of people assumed that Captain Spectacular II is the son of Captain Spectacular. Such is not the case.
I love, love, love the look of this one. I wish I got to play with colors like the more often, or, at least, that I was this good of a colorist more often.

New Update

Hey, you’re gonna wanna know this. We’re now moving to “Open Beta” with the new site. What that means is that we’re opening up access to everyone, no strings attached and no hoops to jump through. We’re about 90% done, but that’s enough for everyone to have a looksee.

All you have to do is message me privately and I’ll send the url on over. That’s it! You gotta see this thing. It’s amazing…

SuperFogeys Book 3 Update

Book is going to the printers this week. You can still preorder your copy at theĀ Th3rd World Store!

Next Week:

The Third Man returns with a message and…bubbles of light.