You guys are really digging into the final strips of this chapter and I could not love that more. In the end, the most immediate and important reaction to the previous strip is, of course, Dark Maiden’s. And here you go. Her unique psychosis (she’s manifested three unique personalities so far–normal, evil and crazy) makes it difficult to tell how she’s going to react to any given situation, but there’s always a logic to it. I don’t think this reaction is all that mysterious.

As usual, Marc steps up big time when called upon to draw some action. My New Year’s resolution is to give him more opportunities to strut his stuff. Shouldn’t be too hard.

Can you feel it? We’re getting closer to the end of this chapter. Just two left! And no, you’re still not going to guess how it ends. A bunch of you keep trying, but you’re really not going to be successful. At all.