370 – Ugly Little Man

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  1. Dierna

    romance her? Uh… does she not remember her time at Valhalla?

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      See Javier’s comment below.

  2. Javier

    Acknowledging his romance attempts means she does remember her time in Valhalla. In fact it means that whatever drove her insane, didn’t in reality. Most likely suppressed her mind a la Thrice Evil. So it’s not 2 personalities, more like Star Maiden minus most of her conscious mind.

    Also saying that she’ll kill the people in front of their children seems pretty evil to me. I don’t know why people wanted her to not be evil. She’s definitely another doozy in Jerry’s plan and that’s always a plus. Whatever it takes to make Jerry sweat.

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      You’re mostly right about Star Maiden’s current state. More will be revealed later, but your take works for now.

  3. CartoonistWill

    Ohhhhhh, Jerry will sweat alright… Unfortunately, looks like it’s the Ex-Queen Dark Maiden, as set up previously during the flash back. Wouldn’t have made much sense to set it up without any pay off.

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley


  4. Bryan

    Speaking of sweat, it almost looks like Swifty sweats little bubbles of light, lol.

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      Ha! I didn’t even notice that! Good catch.

      • Javier

        I noticed that as well. I thought it was a fun reference to future events. XD

  5. Scott

    Guess she needs to get shot in the head again. Once for Dark Maiden, twice for Star. It’s like the clapper, except it’s laser brain trauma!

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      That’s it–it’s all math! Someone tell Swifty.

  6. Richard

    Sorry Brock, but retch as in (v) attempt to vomit does not have a w.

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      Ugh. You are so right. Must fix now. Thanks for the heads up, Richard!

  7. Michael DeVito
    Michael DeVito

    awesome cameo in panel 1, Marc!

    • Bryan

      Oh wow…I just now noticed that! Tony Clifton?

  8. praetor1983

    Every time I think the combination of Marc’s art and Brock’s writing can’t be beat, I’m forced to admit I was wrong. The forced perspective in the 4th panel is perfect and the extreme Star Maiden shift? The icing on the cake of this chapter. You sir are the J. Michael Straczynski of comics (and I don’t count his attempts at writing comics): layer upon layer of depth and story complexities that pay off continuously (as he did with all five seasons of B5). Congrats!

  9. gnrrrg

    If Star Maiden still has her strength then Swifty should still have his speed.

    • CorvusErebus

      I think he Does. The problem being what good is Superspeed when Using it would instantly break your Hips/spine/legs? I imagine he has Osteoporosis, or even just good old fashioned Sarcopenia. Either of which (Or anything simular and just as common among the elderly) would render his unusually high Fast-Twitch-Muscle useless. Star Maiden however is an Alien, and thus might not suffer the same debilitating aging side effects.

  10. Infamous Nefarious
    Infamous Nefarious

    C’mon Swifty….. you don’t have to take this. Tell her what’s what. Unless that blast from the ‘Donut-cannon’ rocks through the building and nails her….. and knocks her loopy again.

  11. artisan54

    i could be wrong, but i cant find the comic were she went “dark” but it seems the laser reactivated her “sickness/reprograming”.

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