This is something I’ve been wanting to write for a long, long time. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been offered and accepted representation for my book RAISED BY A DEAD MAN (working title) from Bonnie Solow of Solow Literary Enterprises!

Querying agents is a rough business. A query is a short letter telling the agent what the book is about and why it’s awesome. Very hard to sum up a 300 page book in one page and do it in such a way that makes an agent want to read more. Agents receive HUNDREDS of queries every week from the anonymous, unwashed masses. They call it “The Slush Pile.” Most of them suck. Not sucking is your best way to stand out from the crowd, but even then… the odds are against you.

I played the odds because I believed in my book. Not that I had any right to. I never though of myself as a writer until about four or five years ago. I got this fool idea in my head that I could write a book and so I did. My (true!) story is about growing up during the time between my father’s two shootings and dealing with his death. Heavy stuff, but funny too. Really. Death is pretty awesome and only in the space a book gives me could I ever explain why I think so.

And now I have an agent who also believes in me. She’s read the book twice now and given me some invaluable feedback and wants to bring it to the world. She’s amazing. In the fourteen years she’s been working as an agent, I’m only the second author she’s ever rescued from the slush pile. That’s how much my book resonated with her. Now, we’re working together to bring the book to publishers and convince them to invest big in a story that we both feel could sell many, many copies.┬áIt’s quite the thing when someone who knows their stuff believes in you.

There’s still a lot of work ahead. Nothing is guaranteed, but my faith in this book is as unwavering now as it was when I first called up a blank sheet and started typing. The difference now is that I have a lot more reasons to think success is on the horizon.

Big thanks to everyone who has believed in me and supported me so far. You know who you are. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re much closer.

More to come.