Holy Guest Strips, Captain!

I was amazed to get 2 guest strips of high caliber this week, and now, suddenly, I’ve got two more!

This latest one was actually submitted as Fan Art, but I think you can easily see why I tossed it into the regular rotation. I literally laughed out loud when I read it and I’ve got a feeling all of you did too.

Rufus Edge (real name or no?) is a fellow Drunk Ducker and send me this one out of the blue. Technically, I’m still waiting for his permission to post this as a guest strip, but I just can’t wait anymore. This is great stuff.

Check out Rufus’s great comic “comicdeoxyribonucleicacid” and give a great cartoonist a good read.


Be sure and check back both tomorrow and Friday for more guest strip goodness! Also on Friday: The tease for next week.


Thanks to everyone for the well wishes for my anniversary yesterday. My wife and I had a fabulous time. Since the air is so bad and it’s so hot out her in California, we each picked a movie and went to both. “What Happened in Vegas” can stay in Vegas as far as I’m concerned (okay, it wasn’t THAT bad), but “Hancock” was a good time, if a little undercooked. We also went to one of the fanciest restaurants in town, something we’ve always meant to do but never had the guts (or $$$) to. Even the peas were good.